Wichita River OF Life Church Ministries

Helping people of Wichita by serving god through the Christian faith

In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.
- Acts 20:35, NIV

Located in heart of America, beautiful Wichita, Kansas. We provide essential Christian-based programs and resources our local community and in need. 

 Your choice to support specific causes,  and to see where your donations go makes the difference to transform the most lives.

Success through gods will

As a lost and homeless soul, I was in dire need of hope and guidance until Wichita River of Life Ministries provided me with shelter, food, and unwavering support through the kindness of their donors. Through their unwavering faith and encouragement, I was able to complete my education and pursue my dreams. Today, I have a stable job and a home, which I attribute to the grace of God and the support of the Ministries. Please donate to help others like me and spread the love and blessings of the Lord
Edward Britcham
Individual Sponsorships Recipient
As a pastor, I've always believed in God's mysterious ways, and that's exactly what happened when Wichita River of Life Ministries came to our aid. Our church faced a heartbreaking situation where heavy rains flooded our parking lot and basement, making some services impossible to hold. In dire need of help, we turned to the Ministry, and their response was miraculous. With their donor contributions, we raised the funds we needed to fix the drainage system and repair the parking lot. Thanks to their help, our church is now thriving, better able to support our community. Please donate to this organization to help other churches overcome obstacles.
Pastor Erick Gilbert
Central Christian Church
As the owner of Spirit and Truth Books in Wichita, Kansas, I was overwhelmed with keeping my business afloat. Wichita River of Life Ministries answered my prayers and offered their selfless assistance. With their generous donor contributions, I was able to hire a knowledgeable business advisor who helped my business thrive once again. I am forever grateful to the ministry and encourage others to donate to this worthy cause to uplift struggling businesses in Wichita and strengthen our communities with faith and compassion.
Brittany Hamon
Owner - Spirit and Truth Book

Three ways to Help

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Help an individual transition from survive, to thrive!  

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Help a Christian businesses get on its feet again!  

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Support a local Church needing construction!    

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